Help Me Lord!

For the past few weeks I have been so busy and tired. From working three jobs and helping out other ministries, it is hard to try to maintain a prayer life. So I wake up, do my morning duties, and go on about the day. When I think I have a little time, the phone rings or emails start flying in. After a while I felt so weak in spirit. Even though I work for the church and attend every service, I still felt empty. I felt empty to the point where I started crying for help. Help me Lord! I just needed God because I was operating with low fuel. When Jesus started feeling low, He would pray and pray for hours. He would wake up and pray. Go to the garden and pray. Every change Jesus got, he prayed to the father. That is what sustained Him. Jesus wasn’t focus on just doing the work, but he worshiped. In order Jesus to do the work effectively, He had to worship. Not just on a Sunday!

I realized that one day leaving from church after being bombarded all week with requests and tasks to take care of, I needed the Lord like never before. I was not at a low point but I was overwhelmed and realize that I need communion with the Lord in order to make it through. It is a must to sit in his presences and to hear from Him. Without hearing from God, one will wonder around trying to figure out what to do. I came to a conclusion that I would not want to get to a point where I am operating without guidance in EVERYTHING I do. From the smallest decisions in life such as what to wear, I will consult the Lord.
God wants for us to have a relationship with Him constantly and it must be more than on a Sunday and a Wednesday night bible study. God wants us to seek His face and not His hand. He wants us to commune with Him and we should have that same desire to do so. I am learning now how to stay in His presences and not just saying a two-minute prayer and leaving. Where does God get the chance to speak if we are just saying what we want and leaving? That is not fair to God and we are cheating ourselves out of hearing the heart of God. We need to hear from God or we would be like a ship without a sail with no direction. Take time out to seek God and to hear what He is saying. You will feel so much better to a point where you can go on a little further in life.

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