Push Through Your Rejection and See The Real Purpose

One of the worst pains is to sit in the presences of those who rejected you. Especially when God told you not to leave. In this time you have to change your focus from man to God. Only God anoints and appoints. The credentials here on earth does not matter if you don’t have credentials in heaven.

So what if they do not call your name? So what if they don’t recognize the gifts you have inside? God is calling your name and many of us choose not to listen. Your gifts will make room for you. But we want the space in front of the masses but God is calling you to reach those who are sitting right next to you in your cubical or across the boardroom. Make Monday count and forget about the rejection of man and make God please with your worship and obedience. #LetsReach #WorkTheWorksOfGod #BeIntentional #MondaysLife #RejectionHurtsButSoWhat

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