My Forgiveness Letter to Myself

My Forgiveness Letter to Myself

Dear Camillia

You are precious in the sight of God. I know that you have done wrong, but all is forgiven by our Forgiving God. You are destined for greater things. We have to move forward in life. For now on, we will be cautious of our decisions and our sphere of influence. We cannot change the past, but with God on our side, we will make better decisions.

You have grown over the years and you are striving to be a better you. You have your moments when you become discourage and want to give up, but stay focus and trust in God. Anxiety will no long have rule over you. You will walk in freedom and liberty. Worriedness is the opposite of faith. You cannot worry about the future, but rather embrace the present and make most of the day.

2018 will be your year. God will be your guide. Let’s continue to pray and fast. Let’s continue to walk in purpose. This year you will make yourself valuable. You will continue to learn. You will continue to be open to challenges and God-leading opportunities. Nothing can hold you back except yourself.

Let’s Go!

You are loved

Camillia Shackelford

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