The Tension of Transition

The tension of transition

When you’re in between seasons: you see the new but waiting to be released from the old.

You must remain faithful and finish up your last season rather than jumping prematurely to the new season.

You will begin to experience a mind (paradigm) shift and you are no longer ok doing things like you used to and your point of view is changing.

You may feel weird and sometimes even confrontational because you are no longer comfortable in where you are.

Nothing makes sense… but all you have is faith

You have to be ok when in the old place the people are progressing in their own way but God is telling you to stand still and prepare… it’s not time yet.

Being by yourself in this between season is precious because this is when God is downloading and prepping you for the new.

People won’t understand what you’re prepping for so you cannot tell everyone what God is doing.

Find your network of wise counsel. Trust me… they are out there.

Stay focus and dedicated in the time of transition. You will get frustrated but don’t give up. Things won’t make sense and you must lean on The Father.

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