“Real People Dealing With Real Problems &

Answering Real Questions.”


When we leave the Sunday service, what happens in our lives? From walking out the front door of the church to our cars. We are constantly being attacked by the enemy and being tested. When we walk through the employers door on Mondays, do we forget about the morals and values we learned the day before? Not just on Monday’s, but the whole week. Mondays can be tough because there are obstacles waiting for us before we get out the bed in the morning. It is about being real about the struggles of living as a Disciple of Christ in the society. We will discuss everyday issues and problems, and come up with solutions that can help people as a whole live a Godly life.


You cannot claim victory over a season unless you know how to manage your day. Most Disciples are loosing the war on Sunday night or even right after service. What matters the most are the daily victories. The small steps in life. Every major war starts on Monday morning. God will give you the power of overcome your Monday and it will allow you to have the ability to overcome other days as well.


To be a kingdom-minded body that is able to walk out the principles of The Word everyday by the leading of the Holy Spirit.


We are devoted to help people live a 
life that reflects their Sunday Worship
by giving sound biblical applications for their life situations


Can You Carry Your Sunday Into
Your Monday?

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