So What Are You Doing? Shining the Light or Throwing Shade?

I had a series of dreams where I was talking to friends about God and having good fellowship and then I was called into the office to be confronted of an issue. I over-reacted and began to act out of character. I could not understand why I had this dream until all these events starting happening in my life. A few days later I had a spat with a neighbor but I did not react in the way I wanted to because something in me would not let it happen. I went into my house upset and started going at it and God said it’s how you react to the situation. I could have went off and called names, but the Holy Spirit in me would not let me. I may one day have to witness to that person or a person they know. They can say don’t listen to her she fake because a few weeks ago she went off on me, so she is not a Christian. People are always watching you and they judge the Jesus on your life. You may be the only Jesus they will see in their life.   I was in a meeting yesterday and every time we get together, we are talking about people (throwing shade). After a while, I got tired of it and sat there in silence. God has been really dealing with my heart concerning talking about people.  So who are you representing?

In the Matthew 5:16 says, “let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” There is no way that you can shine your light if you are speaking darkness  and evil to your brethren. Darkness and light cannot co-exist. It must be one or the other. If our goal here on earth for the kingdom is to bring others to Christ (Matthew 28:19) we have messed up by allowing the words of discouragement and tear-down come out of our mouth. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t say it in their face. The fact that you have released the words into the atmosphere, it can affect them in a negative way. The Bible tells us that life-giving power is released when God’s people speak words of life. But we can also release words of death.

That is why our heart needs to be sensitive to the people around us because we don’t know who is of the Kingdom. I remember being talked about and how much I was hurt. Suicide is on the rise in the body of Christ and we must be mindful of what we say to one another. I believe the worse talk we can do is another believer tearing down another believer. We should be able to understand where a person is in life.  We were not born perfect so we should not treat others any less. Everyone has to go through a process in life and everyone are at different stages. Instead of talking about them, pray for them and yourself. For we all have growing to do.

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