We welcome submissions to Mondays Life from writers who are passionate about our  mission: Talking about everyday issues and problems, and come up with solutions that can help people as a whole live a Godly life.

As a guide, posts should range in length from 300-500 words and be concerned with issues relating to life struggles, discipleship, marriage, relationships, parenting, health fitness or any representation of the aforementioned topics in today’s culture. We focus on starting anew and moving forward to your new season and day. Our site is based upon biblical principles, so make sure your article is founded from the bible. Articles typically fall into one of these categories:

  • First-person account (broadened to fit the needs of our audience)
  • You can use List format (“7 Ways to”…”, “6 Signs That”….”) but not required
  • Reflection on a current news story
  • Interview with pastors, teachers, or disciples of Christ
  • Tip format (similar to the list format ““ this form specifically gives readers some suggestions for  handling a certain problem)

If you would like to submit an article to Monday’s Life, please email us at  your contact information and we will provide you with all information needed.

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